Saxon & Motorhead play in Ipswich

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I’ve been looking forward to seeing both Saxon & Motorhead play at the Ipswich Regent for several months now, which will be an excellent way to relax after a busy summer.

This will be the third time I’ve seen Motorhead play in almost as many years even though it must have been fifeteen years before they last played at the Regent – then called the Ipswich Gaumont.  Lemmy must be on just the right amount of vodka and fags to keep him in prime condition as they put as much energy in their gigs as they did twenty years ago.

When I saw them three years or so ago Imke came with me and really enjoyed it, however, when they came last time she didn’t feel well so Tara-Jane came with me.  She was totally blown away with Mikkey Dee on the drums – perhaps that spured her on to pass her music GCSE playin the drums 🙂  Since Jon-Luke got the Rock Heroes for his Xbox last year he has become very keen on all rock music and jumped at the chance to come to see Motorhead with me.  It’s quite strange really as now all my family will have seen them and I was only about a year older than Jon-Luke when I first saw them!

As far as I know Saxon have not played in Ipswich for over fifeteen years, so this will be a real treat.  We will have to make sure we get there early to make sure we don’t miss them.  Last time Girlschool supported Motorhead, which was not advertised and I ended up missing most of it being in the bar – Doh!

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  • Saw moorhead in the Gaunt in 83 or 84

    Last time I saw Saxon in Ipswich was in corn exchange I would guess late 90’s

  • Wow, I was probably at all those concerns too!

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