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Building Blocks for Visual Design for photography.  Lines Continuing from my original posting on the book Photographing the world around you.

The harbour on Langeoog is an example of an image build with a multitude on lines of varying characters.

The harbour on Langeoog is an example of an image build with a multitude on lines of varying characters.

Lines are a fundamental building block in visual design as the can lead the eye and mind through your picture space. All lines have characteristics that bring the final picture together and can create the illusion of three dimensional space within the two dimensional constraints of you picture. Every line has expressive characteristics through its length, thickness, orientation and whether it is straight or curved. The length of a line can be contained within the boundaries of the image or extend beyond, such as an horizon. Lines can also be created by the edge of a shape, such as a box or the horizon in a landscape, which are made visible through contrast in tone or hue (brightness or colour) Lines can also have varying thickness as they pass through your picture, such as a winding road disappearing into a vanishing point as it converges with the horizon. In addition to the form of the line there is also its orientation to be considered, which can have a huge impact on the overall effect of your picture. For example horizontal and vertical lines are considered to appear stable conveying formality and order whereas oblique lines can convey movement creating a dynamic image. However a diagonal line, going from one corner or your image to the other does not have the same dynamic impact as any other oblique line and introduces a strong sense of balance. Where a visual design contains more than one line we introduce relationships between them that can become an integral part of the overall design that can be organised to create balance or rhythm, etc. I hope this has got you thinking about the many possibilities and impact they have in the visual design in your image making.

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