Tuesday night’s Saxon, Motorhead gig

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Last night I went to see Saxon and Motorhead play at the Ipswich Regent Theatre with Jon-Luke, which I was really looking forward to as I had taken Imke and Tara-Jane on previous times and they really enjoyed it.

As Jon-Luke is only 11 I decided to get a balcony seat so he could see what was going on.  It was supposed to be fairly central but unfortunately was very much to the left side looking on to the stage.

Danko Jones were the first support band in line up.  We had gone up early as I had spent all most of my money on T-shirts for Jon-Luke and myself so didn’t have much money left for the bar!  I had never heard of Danko Jones before, but was very impressed with their performance – hence looking up their website 🙂

You can hear a few of the tracks of their new album at http://www.badtasterecords.se/records.asp?id=462

Saxon also put on an excellent performance playing many of their classics like Denim & Leather and Witch Finder General as well as some of their new tracks from their forth coming album.  Saxon plan to go on tour next year to promote the new album.

Unfortunately the mixing for Motorhead was completely screwed up on the balcony with the drums drowning everything else making it very difficult to hear the guitars and Lemmy’s singing.  Everyone below were enjoying it so know it was just where we were sitting 🙁  Also they sounded great all the other times I’ve seen them before.  Something improved when they came on for the encore but for those on the balcony the highlights were the solos and Whorehouse Blues, which is a great track.

Still a great night overall though.  The tracks I’ve heard from their new Motorizer album on Planet Rock sound great, so I’m sure I will still be getting their new album soon…


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