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What Goes In The Modern Wedding Photographer’s Kit Bag?

A few readers have asked what photographic equipment I take to weddings. There is no doubt that the Wedding photography Kit Bag has changed dramatically for the modern wedding photographer. It is no longer good enough to simply have a flashgun mounted on a camera and a tripod.

As today’s discerning bride you want to look fabulous in your wedding photos.

Gold Award Contemporary Wedding Photography

Gold Award Contemporary Wedding Photography

As a contemporary wedding photographer I need to be better equipped than ever before. A combination of different lenses and lighting techniques to create evocative contemporary wedding imagery for you.

Technology has changed dramatically in recent years. Professional digital cameras have full frame sensors giving quality that surpasses 35mm film.

Flashguns can also be used remotely from the camera. And there are many light modifiers available that improves the quality of lighting possible at your wedding!

Portable reflectors allow very effective lighting when combined with natural light to create a natural looking 3-D effect.

Video lights are also becoming very popular with many wedding photographers.

Fast high quality professional lenses allow the photographer to be more creative with only the subjects in focus leaving the background blurred. Make sure you wedding photographers uses fast professional lenses. The speed of lenses is denoted by an ‘f’ number, which indicates its widest aperture. Fast professional zoom lenses are f/2.8 with f/4 being acceptable. Cheap consumer lenses will be slower and of lower quality – not what you want for your wedding photos!


So which of these do I use?

Well, the simple answer is all of them as you can see in the following video…

As you can imagine it would not be practical to simply carry all this equipment throughout the whole day. I treat each part of the day separately and only carry the equipment required at any particular time.

My photography bag of choice is the Domke F-X1. This was chosen for its additional length that enables me to carry my 70-200 lens with the lens hood on and ready for use at a moments notice. Speed is essential for efficient wedding photography and this bag allows quick access to any item within seconds.

Here is a list of the equipment featured in the video:

  • 2 full frame digital SLRs (Canon 5D & 1Ds)
  • 1 APS-C DSLR, as backup camera
  • 1 24-70mm f/2.8 lens
  • 1 28-70mm f/2.8 backup
  • 1 70-200mm f/2.8
  • 1 16-35mm f/3.5-4
  • 1 15mm f/2.8 fisheye
  • 2 flashguns
  • 1 Video light if staying for first dance
  • 3 4GB Compact Flash cards
  • 2 2GB Compact Flash cards
  • 1 flashgun IR trigger ST-E2
  • 2 light-stands with special flashgun & umbrella mounts
  • Various lighting umbrellas
  • 1 Gary Fong light sphere for rare occasions when using a flashgun mounted on camera is unavoidable
  • Tri-grip reflector
  • Light meter
  • Manfrotto tripod with pistol ball-joint mount and Custom Bracket to allow quick efficient posing and camera tilts.
  • Several spare batteries for everything!
Bride and Groom in the back of the wedding car, taken with a fisheye lens

Bride and Groom in the back of the wedding car, taken with a fisheye lens

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Testimonial Wedding Client

Testimonial Wedding Client


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