Easter Sunday with the dogs

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Easter Sunday with the dogs


Buster on the river walk path.

On Easter Sunday I ended up taking quite a few pictures of the dogs although the original intention was to take a few pictures of Jon-Luke doing an Easter Egg Hunt in the house.  He asked Imke to make some clues and lay a trail around the house.  We had spent about an hour the night before thinking up some cryptic clues and planting the Easter eggs.

I got my camera ready in advance but things never go to plan.  Jon-Luke came down to breakfast with the the last Easter egg from the trail under his arm!  Then when he got the first clue he went off in search of the next prize.  Needless to say by the time we had finished breakfast he had collected all the Easter eggs!

I suggested to Imke that we took the dogs for a walk by the Woodbridge Tide Mill and decided to take my Canon 5D.  We have been there many times before so I wanted to try something a little different so took my 70-200mm and 15mm fish-eye lenses.

My intention was to get some nice pictures of Casey & Buster running around.  I set the 5D to 1/500s shutter priority – hoping to capture some motion.  However it was too hot and humid so they didn’t run around as much as I had hoped.  I decided to switch to aperture priority at f/2.8 to get better separation between the dogs and the background with a shallower depth of field, as can be seen in the picture on the left of Buster.

It was a lot of fun just to relax and photograph anything that appealed to me.  We haven’t got many recent photos of the dogs so that was nice too 😎

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