Finest Female Portraiture & Boudoir on location

Boudoir Photography

Finest Female Portraiture & Sensuous Boudoir on location

Fashion portrait in a local grave yard

Today I would like to share with you a few images of Finest Female Portraiture & Sensuous Boudoir Photography from a recent photo session on location.

A few readers have asked me whether their images will be semi-nude, nude or explicit.  The simple answer is that is entirely up to you.

I never ask any of my clients to pose beyond what has been agreed before our boudoir session.  Sometimes as people relax they may wish to be more daring than they originally said.  And that is absolutely fine too.

Recently a client asked if I could photograph her on location.  But she did not wish to have explicit images; she wanted images fully clothed – more fashion orientated.

The truth is my passion is to create beautiful images of my clients regardless of their state of dress, undress or anything else.  The aim is to bring out your inner beauty and that will vary for everyone depending on your personality.

An outdoor location shoot is very dependant on the weather.  As the date drew closer, I was told I should come regardless of the weather.  We could do some sensuous boudoir images in her beautiful 15th Century home if it rained!

On the day of our shoot it was overcast and drizzled on and off all day.  This actually creates a wonderful soft light perfect for portraiture.  The light is defused through the clouds effectively making the sky an enormous soft-box!

Our day started off outside and concluded indoors with some light-hearted boudoir images.  Here are a few images from two outdoor locations and ending in her dinning room – check out that amazing architecture.  Click on image above to see a larger high resolution version.

Fashion portrait taken at a local church

Fashion portrait taken at a local church

Environmental portrait taken at the client's friends stables

Environmental portrait taken at the client's friends stables

Finest Female Portraiture

Environmenatal portrait

Evocative fun boudoir shot taken back home.

Evocative fun boudoir shot taken back home.

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Pat Bloomfield

About the author: Director, Photographer & Artist of PatB Photography. Award winning photographer and member of SWPP & SIFGP. Featured in, Photo Pro, Alt Fashion. Clients include; BT, Samurai Sports, ItalClean, KeyAgent & AutoTrader.

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  • Michelle Bishop

    Hi There,

    I recently participated in a photo shoot with Pat – he was great! Very professional indeed. All the time, making sure the atmosphere was a relaxed and a fun one. He endeavoured to ensure that we were both in tune as to what was required from the shoot.

    Although the weather was not great, his ability to work around the rain and still produce some fantastic shots, showed his skill and patience in the art of photography.

    We participated in some fun river shots (which although freezing cold) provided some unique on location results. With Pat even offering at one stage, (brave man) to get cold in the river aswell – just to show his support for the effort involved in the shoot!! The ‘Boudoir’ shots were easy and relaxed, with Pat only working to whatever level was comfortable to me.

    A true professional throughout, resulting in some pretty spectacular work!

    Many thanks Pat

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