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The SWPP monthly competition awards

The SWPP forums have been a hive of activity recently with discussions about awards given in their photographic competitions.  It is always controversial.  Discussions have reached fever pitch over the last few months as far fewer awards have been achieved especially Gold awards.

Like many people I have had images that have not achieved awards anticipated.

The SWPP have stated that they have “raised the bar”.  They are being far more critical of whether an image correctly meets the category entered.  Many more entries will be disqualified or unclassified.

With the 50s Pin-up images they may not have realised what the image was trying to achieve such as recreating the look of Kodachrome, which may have gone against them.

At least knowing the standards have been raised make me feel better about getting worse results over the last few months.  At least it does not mean my entries are getting worse 

Towards the end of last year I had stopped publishing Bronze images.  I have been in two minds whether to start publishing Bronze award images as obviously the ultimate goal is to achieve Gold.  After much deliberation I have decided that it is worth sharing my best images.  It is good to celebrate ones achievements even if they have fallen short.

So here are three images that all achieved Bronze last month as I wait optimistically to see what April’s competition results will be…?

50s Pin-up gets a Bronze award for Glamour

50s Pin-up gets a Bronze award for Glamour

Traditional Portrait

Traditional Portrait

Contemporary Portrait

Contemporary Portrait

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