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Anonymous Nude Boudoir make beautiful works of art

Anonymous Nude Boudoir make beautiful works of art

Continuing from the previous post on glamour meets boudoir.  Today we have some anonymous erotic boudoir using Kevin’s Secret Formula for B&W.

All the images on the NEXT PAGE were converted to Black & White using the secret formula of Kevin Kubota’s Photoshop actions.  This action produces a beautifully warm toned monochrome image that has both a smoothing effect and a heavy film grain.  This looks fantastic on the smooth curves of the body’s form.

The only other changes were a bit of retouching, often referred to as air-brushing, and some old fashioned dodging & burning.  Dodging & burning are techniques that come straight from the dark room and film development.  I used it mainly to add a little more shade to a few areas to help sculpt Tinkerbelle’s form.

Tinkerbelle is getting impatient to see some more of her images, so these are a prelude to the classic boudoir images.  All these images were taken using the classic boudoir studio set.

It is always a lot of fun creating these anonymous boudoir or nude images that are almost abstract.  And my clients love it too as they never know quite what they are going to get!

Please see the images on the NEXT PAGE as they are not suitable for viewing at work.

About the author: Director, Photographer & Artist of PatB Photography. Award winning photographer and member of SWPP & SIFGP. Featured in, Photo Pro, Alt Fashion. Clients include; BT, Samurai Sports, ItalClean, KeyAgent & AutoTrader.

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