Model Portfolio frustration

Modelling Portfolios

Helping models with their model portfolio can be frustrating when models are unreliable.  Several times recently I’ve offered to help models with their portfolio only to find they let you down at the last minute or do not even turn up without warning.

This is really annoying because I put a lot of work in before hand, slotting them into a busy schedule, thinking of ideas to cover their style and modelling levels, and setting up the studio as well.  Usually Imke will help with their make-up so also has to make sure she is available.

The model who was meant to come describes herself as:

I’m a very reliable & Upbeat model,
Happy to travel & Share ideas with photographers.I Love being in-front of the camera,
Modeling & Preforming is my passion.

I tried to confirm our photo shoot a week ago, but when she hadn’t read the message I decided to give the benefit of doubt as she was very apologetic when she had to postpone our original booking.  Also the photo studio was still set up from a shoot before I went to Germany to photograph the holiday apartment.

However it was no surprise to find she was not at the railway station where she asked to be collected from and I had already got a backup plan to visit my dad 😎

Models starting out and building a portfolio should know that the photographer helping them is usually doing this very cheap or for TFCD (Time for CD) and will put a lot more work in both before and afterwards than just the photo shoot itself.  Photographers are willing to help out because the arrangement is mutually beneficial as the photographer may be able to use some pictures or try out a new technique but most of all it is becasue they love what they do.

My advice to any model whether established or wanna be is to be reliable as it is a very competitive business and if you get yourself a bad reputation you are not doing yourself any favours.  If you can’t make it for a genuine reason let the photographer etc. know as soon as possible.


About the author: Director, Photographer & Artist of PatB Photography. Award winning photographer and member of SWPP & SIFGP. Featured in, Photo Pro, Alt Fashion. Clients include; BT, Samurai Sports, ItalClean, KeyAgent & AutoTrader.

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