If You Go Into The Woods Today…

Boudoir Photography

You’re In For A Big Surprise

Queen Boudica in the woods.

Queen Boudica in the woods.

However, it wasn’t teddy bears having a picnic or even an axe welding homicidal maniac.

When I went into the woods with Annmarie my legs got covered in bites from the insects.  So while I’m resisting the temptation to scratch, here are two pictures from the woods.  Thankfully for Annmarie they appear to have left her alone 🙂

We had been planning this for a while.  Annmarie borrowed a sword and made up her Boudica costume, formerly known as Boadicea.  It was late afternoon and the sun was coming from behind Annmarie to produce some wonderful rim lighting.  It was overcast producing beautiful soft lighting that was softened even more by the surrounding trees.  All this helped produce some beautiful and totally unique images of Annmarie.

More pictures of Annmarie coming soon with classic boudoir…


This is a great image.  Annmarie looks very powerful and believable in this shot.

This is a great image. Annmarie looks very powerful and believable in this shot.

I love this shot when AnnMarie looks absolutely enchanting!

I love this shot when Annmarie looks absolutely enchanting!

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  • Annmarie

    They are simply beautiful…. I had such fun… sorry you got eaten alive the bugs never came near me…. maybe there were scared hee hee

  • steve

    Lovely pics Pat, you did her proud.

  • That’s the worst I’ve been bitten by bugs in years. But hey look on the bright side – at least I kept them off you 🙂

    Thank you for your kind comments. I’m thrilled that you like them – it was a wonderful surprise when you called me today to tell me in person!

  • Matt Harper

    These are really lovely, well done to Annemarie and her woodland photographer


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