You Too Can Look Like A Glamour Model

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It’s true you too can look like a glamour model.  You can be transformed by an experienced glamour photographer who knows how to make you look fabulous.  Not even your mum will recognise you.

OK if all that sounds like sales hype you’re probably right – except it’s absolutely true.

How do I know?

Well I witnessed it first hand today.

My daughter, Tara-Jane, who was seventeen last year, is keen to take driving lessons and is in the process of writing her application form for a provisional license.  Usually she runs from me when I’m armed with a camera but the other day she asked me if I could take her passport photo required for the driver’s license.  I could hardly refuse and let her have a terrible photo taken in a photo booth like almost everybody else.

There are strict regulations regarding the pose of the image.  But there is no reason to have a cardboard cut out style image, so I used butterfly lighting.

I could hardly let the occasion go by without taking a glamorous head shot.  She had absolutely no idea what was going on.  I just took the picture along with the passport candidate images.

Tara-Jane came and sat with me as we checked the images for the best passport style image.  Afterwards I got the image destined to be the glamorous head shot and she watched in amazement as her image was transformed in Photoshop.

I started with retouching by removing blemishes and working my magic on her eyes to bring out the detail and really make them pop.We can all benefit from a little retouching and all my client’s images are tastefully retouched in this manner.

Her skin was then smoothed a little – she liked this but said magazines went even further.  However I hadn’t finished yet.  I next applied a Velveteen Kubota action that uses a rich colour palette with shadows that diffuse over the highlights – similar to a traditional darkroom technique where a black stocking was placed over the enlarger lens during the print process.

I thought the effect might be a little too strong but she immediately said “Wow, I really like that!”  And that is what you see here.

Contemporary Glamorous Head Shot

Contemporary Glamorous Head Shot

Anyway to get back to the point of this story, I was printing out the images just as Imke (my wife) arrived back from some grocery shopping.

I should just mention all my clients’ prints are outsourced and produced to a quality far better than I could hope to achieve here or indeed the high street processor.

After helping Imke put away the groceries I checked up on my prints.  Imke came in as I was examining the print of Tara-Jane.  She said “Wow, have you been photographing another model?” as she couldn’t recall doing her make-up.

Imke usually does the make-up for all our clients and models – That’s You – before I do the photography.

I was shocked.  I couldn’t believe Imke hadn’t recognised her own daughter!

She asked me not to tell Tara-Jane but I just had too.  And of course she was delighted to have been mistaken for a glamour model.

Can you imagine the kind of boost this gives your self-esteem?

So you see, it is absolutely true – you too can look like glamorous like the celebrities you see in glossy magazines.

Imke and I will transform you.  You will be amazed how fabulously stunning you will look and how the whole experience will give you a great confidence boost.

It makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.  Treat yourself today.

All you need to do is pick up the phone and call 01473 858 485 now or complete the form below.


Pat Bloomfield

Beauty Photographer

About the author: Director, Photographer & Artist of PatB Photography. Award winning photographer and member of SWPP & SIFGP. Featured in, Photo Pro, Alt Fashion. Clients include; BT, Samurai Sports, ItalClean, KeyAgent & AutoTrader.

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