Glamour Boudior Photography with Red Roses

Glamour Photographer

Last night I edited one image from last weekend’s boudoir photo session and just had to share this image with you. This boudoir photo is leaning towards the glamour end of the scale. The deep shadows make it very evocative and sensuous. She’s been posed to look sensational. Just a few red rose petals in her hand create a story behind the image.

It’s not every day I get excited when editing my images. If anything it’s oh if I did this or didn’t do that.

But this was different.

I just had to say “WOW” to myself after retouching.  It was retouched using specialised software in Photoshop with; Katrina Eismann soft focus, and Kevin Kubota’s Portrait setup, Punch lite and edge burner.

Sensuous Glamour Boudoir with Red Roses

Sensuous Glamour Boudoir with Red Roses


Glamour Boudoir Photography

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