Investing in Wedding & Boudoir Photography 2010

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While I was at the SWPP Convention last Saturday I checked out the trade stalls. The plan was to visit the photography stalls to check prices for a Canon 5D Mk2 to see if there were any good deals. Next on the agenda was to get a third Bowens Gemini flash head for perfect white backgrounds and rim lighting. Two lights are great for head and shoulder shots but don’t work so well for ¾ and full length shots.

In a moment of madness, I ended up buying both the camera and flash head!

The camera has a full frame sensor (same as 35mm film) and a whopping 21MP resolution, which is about double my existing cameras. My existing cameras are more than capable of producing great prints of 60 x 40 inches. The 21MP images will increase the level of detail captured in your fine art prints and canvases.

I had a play with the 5D last night and it has some great features that will be of great use in my wedding photography as well as in the studio.

Probably the two best new features for wedding photography is the extended ISO range with protection of the highlights and the auto ISO setting.  The extended ISO range means the camera can take pictures under much lower light conditions whilst maintaining higher shutter speeds.  Setting the ISO automatically will be fantastic as there’ll be no need to stop taking pictures to adjust this manually each time you move inside or outside.  It also removes the danger of forgetting to lower the ISO setting when moving outside.

At first I was not keen on the video function but soon changed my mind after finding out how easy it is to operate.  Video could be a great addition for recording your wedding ceremony from the side of the alter.  Although could no way be seen as a replacement for a videographer if having your wedding videoed is important to you.

There was still over an hour before my superclass with Bjorn Thomassen so I had time to visit my print processor to check out their latest products. They never fail to impress me, as all their products are absolutely outstanding. The prints contain an amazing amount of detail, crisp sharpness and vivid colours that really make them stand out.

They now produce fabulous story books, which could be great new product to introduce storybook albums at a lower price band for you. There is also a new range of Crystal pictures that are truly exquisite.

Watch out for more news on these new products soon. And I’ll be getting some samples in due course.


About the author: Director, Photographer & Artist of PatB Photography. Award winning photographer and member of SWPP & SIFGP. Featured in, Photo Pro, Alt Fashion. Clients include; BT, Samurai Sports, ItalClean, KeyAgent & AutoTrader.

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