Buster’s on the mend

What’s Occurring
Staffordshire Bull Terrier after operation on his knee.

Those of you whose been following me on twitter may know that Buster had an operation to correct a fault in his knee that he was born with.

It’s almost two weeks since Buster had his knew operated on but he’s making a good recovery.  He had his stitches out today.  However being a photographer I just had to capture a few pictures with his stitches and before his hair grows back 🙂

Buster's leg following operation to correct a birth defect in his knee.

Buster's leg following operation to correct a birth defect in his knee.

And it just goes to show that sometimes a snap shot is all that’s really needed 😉


PS We know that his right knee also shows signs of wear so we just hope he doesn’t have to go through it all again!  …fingers crossed.

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  • Sami Fretwell

    Hi Pat, Buster is so cute!! I do not know when this section was posted to your website, but just found this page doing a search on google. How is buster now?

    I have a staffy too, also called buster, who has just had the same operation (his knee was clicking and cartlidge was damaged) we got him home last night, very very drowsy, and he was the same this morning. How long did it take for Buster to start walking around properly?

    Our Buster is feeling so forry for himself. Think the anesethic is going to take some time to wear off?
    Any tips you can give to help his progress?

    Sami x

  • Pat Bloomfield LSWPP

    Hi Sami,

    Our Buster turned five a couple of months ago. I’m terrible with dates but am fairly sure he wasn’t much older than two when he started having trouble with his knee.

    Three years on his knee is really great – all things considered. Of course it give him the occasional twinge and be a little stiff when he first gets up. However, he enjoys two or three walks a day without any trouble. He even managed to catch a rabbit in the summer, so he’s fast too 🙂 Not good for the rabbit though…

    Having leg bandaged and then virtually no exercise for quite a few weeks is tough but you mustn’t give in to his requests for walks. Keep it to the bare minimum and follow your vet’s advice to the letter. Then there’s every chance he’ll make a great recovery and have a good life ahead of him with few problems.

    Pat x

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