3 Reasons Why Baby Photos Look better In Monochrome

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Three reasons why B&W photography is perfect for your baby photos

You may not have thought about it before. But black and white is the perfect choice for your baby photos.

And here’s why.

  1. As you know black & white photography has been around since the beginning of photography. It has an undeniable timeless quality. Your photograph cannot be instantly recognizable as being taken in a certain era. It will never become dated or embarrassing as fashions change.
  2. Black & white or more correctly called monochrome, is great for disguising the redness that newborn babies have from their birth.
  3. Removing the colours creates a much more flattering appearance for your newborn baby. And allows you to visually see your babies form sculptured by light and shade. This instantly makes any baby photo appear more artistic and gives it a great sense of worth.

2/10/2012 – There will always be a few exceptions, see this beautiful newborn baby who looked perfect in colour due to having no redness on her face.

Below are a few baby photos from a recent photo session with a newborn baby.

Newborn baby photos - Comparing the size of hands between mother and daughter

Comparing the size of hands between mother and daughter

Newborn baby picture

Newborn baby picture looks perfect in black & white.

Mum with her newborn baby

Mum with her newborn baby

And this is what mum thought of her baby photos:

[testimonial picture=”http://www.patb-photography.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/IMG_0637105378-Edit.jpg” name=”Sarah” role=”Cambs” align=”featured”]”I took part in a maternity shoot last year with Pat and was blown away with the results he managed to capture the most important part of my life in gorgeous photos, my husband had a truly special and individual birthday present. I recently went back to Pat with our newborn daughter, and once again Pat has produced pictures that take your breath away. I am chomping at the bit to receive the disc now. Everyone in the family loves the pictures and I love Pat’s professional but above all friendly laid back approach. Would visit time and time again.”[/testimonial]

Have your thought about pregnancy photography too?

Having pregnancy photography beforehand captures your whole story. And the magic of the new life you’ve created.

[testimonial picture=”http://www.patb-photography.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/maternity_photography_kent.jpg” name=”Sarah” role=”Kent” align=”featured”]“Thank you Pat for a great photo session and capturing some truly unique, beautiful and artistic photos. I had been thinking about maternity pics for a while but had been uncertain as taste is obviously so important in such pics. And Pat managed this, capturing the beauty of pregnancy and making me feel comfortable and at ease throughout. …I cannot recommend Pat highly enough and am very much looking forward to the newborn baby session and pics!”[/testimonial]

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top 3 Reasons Why Baby Photos Look better In Monochrome

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