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It’s funny how you get used to slow loading web pages over time.  Subconsciously you accept that’s how long it takes for a web page to load.

There have been problems in the past when it’s taken 30 seconds or more to load a web page.  After complaining to my Internet Service Provider, the web sites have been moved to other higher power servers and they taught me how to optimize the database that serves these pages.

Loading times for web pages went from 30 seconds to around 5 to 8 seconds.  This seemed like a great improvement as many blogs and flash sites take longer to load.

So I was a little surprised when giving my sites a health check in Google’s Web-master Tools to learn my sites were considered very slow.

Every page has several scripts that run on the server after the content has been retrieved from the database.  The page is then generated before being served to your browser.  This is known as a dynamic page rather than a static page.

I’ve removed as many scripts as possible to improve performance as well as using a script to cache pages – effectively making it a static page for future downloads for about ten minutes.

The pages now load much faster.  I estimate at least 100% faster or to put it another way less than half the time 🙂

Sorry if this sounds all a bit too technical.  But hopefully it will improve your experience surfing the website.  And that has to be a good thing.

To improve the performance further, I will redo all the galleries in the future.  This will remove the need for another script that slows down ALL pages even though it’s only used on a few.

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