Pin up girl photography flies Union flag

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Pin up girl flies the Union flag in vintage glamour photography photograph.

Pin up girl flies Union flag in her vintage makeover and photo shoot.

Goldie loves vintage glamour with the charisma and romance of the colourful pin-up girl.  We planned the photo session a few weeks ago.  Goldie bought an outfit especially for the shoot, which you’ll see in a future post.  And I bought the Union flag as a new fun prop for the studio.

As you see, the flag is quite skimpy even though my concern had been getting one that was too large!  You’ll look perfect and sexy without going too far.

Which way up do you fly your flag?

This is a pet hate of mine – seeing upside down flags waved in celebration. I could have kicked myself.  I’d let Goldie pose for several minutes before realizing the flag was upside down!

We had to shoot those shots again.

But it was worth it.  Goldie looks fabulous and the Union flag being the right way up is the icing on the cake.

In case you’re wondering, the wide white band running along the diagonals should be on above the red diagonal – not below it 🙂

The vintage look

This is the first photograph I’ve enhanced on to create a vintage film look.  It has a blend of strong and faded colours to give an antique appearance akin to early films that have faded or been hand painted.

A soft filter creates the soft romantic atmosphere.

I’m also looking at ways to create a “cheesecake” painted look that was also popular in that era.

Is this vintage look for you?

Don’t be shy. Give your thoughts below.

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