Nudes photography: Why you should pose nude

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Woman poses for classical nudes photography

Despite consensus, you’ll hear from friends & family warning you against nudes photography, Kat Rosenfield says, “Every woman should pose nude”.

Kat discovered liberation and exhilaration through posing nude in front of artists and photographers.  She believes posing nude should be on every young woman’s absolute MUST DO list regardless of your body shape or personal confidence.

Here’s why

Your body is beautiful. I’m 100% behind Kat on this one.  It doesn’t matter what your body size or shape is, I’ll uncover your inner beauty.  I’ll uncover your inner beauty through expert posing and lighting.  And before you go before my camera, you’ll relax while Imke applies professional make-up.  See your favourite photographs transformed into fine works of art for you.

It’s a confidence boost. Kat says, “Seeing your own body given just a fraction of the star treatment — with makeup, lighting, and a skilled photographer to help you pose — is a powerful way to fight back against that fear and insecurity”.  That sounds spot on to me.

It’s totally vain… and completely awesome. You probably enjoy regular manicures.  I wouldn’t knock this for one moment but it doesn’t last for long.  But treat yourself to nudes photography or boudoir photography and it lasts forever!

And you’re worth it.

Woman poses for vintage glamour pin up photography.

Vintage glamour Photography

You’ll have beautiful photographs to last your lifetime.  And a great conversation point when you’re a grandmother.

But Kat warns against choosing an amateur photographer or boyfriend.  They may lack the skills to pose you and do your naked body justice.  Get an expert photographer capable of posing and lighting you in the most flattering manner.

Look gorgeous and sexy with boudoir photography wearing nothing but lingerie or less.

Love retro. Pin-up or cheesecake photography is vintage glamour photography.  Saucy fun and has a very distinctive style.

Glamour photography is perfect for modern stark images.  Perfect for makeovers wearing your favourite outfits but can go as stark as you wish. Glamour photography is glamorous and sexy without becoming distasteful.

Fine art nudes photography is perfect for a timeless quality. Since the beginning of art and people created simple drawings, nudes have always played a key role.  Black and white is the perfect medium for nudes photography.

Woman poses for nudes photography.Inna from Norwich said, following her nudes photography session, “I was really nervous about doing the photo shoot as never before undressed in front of the camera. But Pat & Imke made me completely comfortable about the whole experience.  It was also a lot of fun!!!”

Click here to see Kat’s full article.

Fantastic news

The fantastic news is that no matter which style of photography above tickled your fancy; you can win a fabulous photography experience in your chosen style – even fine art nudes!

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Woman posing for Boudoir Photography.Lisa from Suffolk said after her boudoir photography session, “The ‘inner beauty’ photo shoot that pat did for me was really good, I am so pleased with the photographs they really compliment me. I found it difficult to choose the final 10, Pat and Imke were really welcoming and made me feel at ease. I can’t wait to give them to my fiancé the night before our wedding.”

Woman poses for glamour photography during a makeover photo shoot.Louise from Ipswich said the thing she liked most was, “Allowing myself to have photographs I wanted done, but hadn’t dared before”.  And three other benefits were:

  • “Something to look back at when older”
  • “Something to share with husband”
  • “Something to be proud of”

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