Portrait Photography Tip #1: Studio white background

Portrait Photography Tips
Boy enjoys playing with balloons during his family portrait photography.

The white floor and background is probably the most popular studio set up today.  This is often referred to as the white infinity background.

It’s light and airy, and without distracting patterns in the background.  This is perfect for both contemporary family portraits and a glamorous makeover that looks like it’s fresh out of any popular magazine.

How to look fabulous

It may surprise you but you should wear light colour clothing.  Light colours will compliment the light background creating a bright photograph with high impact.

Don’t wear very dark clothing.  Dark clothing creates too much contrast with the bright background.  The viewers’ eyes will follow lines created by areas of bright and dark meeting instead of being drawn to you, which is where we really want their attention 🙂

You can see this in the photograph of the young boy.  Your attention is on the boy and balloons that he’s playing with.  And there are no areas of strong contrast to divert your attention.

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top Portrait Photography Tip #1

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