Boudoir Photography: Perfect Anniversary Gifts For Him

Boudoir Photography
Woman poses for sensuous boudoir photography for anniversary gift for him.

Maureen from Essex was organising a boudoir photography experience for her bride-to-be sister Mandy.

Her wedding anniversary was on the same date as her sisters wedding. Maureen was thinking about anniversary gift ideas for him. She decided to give her husband something extraordinary with a sensuous boudoir photography gift.

Maureen recently retired (government cutbacks) from the army. She’s a veteran soldier having served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army Combat Jacket

When Maureen came to the studio for a chat, she said she wanted some photographs in an army jacket. She bought her husband’s army jacket to her boudoir photography experience.

The jacket was huge. But with some creative posing to remove the excess material, she looks fabulous.

Maureen told me the badge was an important part of the image. So I ensured the badge was fully visible in the photographs when I posed her.

Woman poses in Army jacket for her boudoir photography anniversary gifts for him.

Maureen poses in Army jacket for her boudoir photography anniversary gift for him.

Both Maureen and Mandy were thrilled with their photographs. And their hand made Parisian albums made the perfect anniversary and wedding night gifts.

Here’s what Maureen said about their boudoir photography experience.

1. What did you find as a result of buying this product/service?

Excellent quality pictures

2. What specific feature did you like most about this product/service?

The set up and feel at ease

3. What would be three other benefits about this product/service?

  • Makeover
  • Location
  • Friendliness

4. Would you recommend this product/service? If so, why?

Yes, as it was very enjoyable 

Woman poses for sensuous boudoir photography.

Maureen is guided through poses for her sensuous boudoir experience.

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