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Woman posing in 50s style dress for boudoir photography. Bride to be poses for boudoir photography as wedding night gift. Bride-to-be poses for an sensuous boudoir photograph for her wedding night gift for him. Sensuous boudoir photography is the perfect wedding night gift for him. Woman posing for boudoir photography with luxury burgundy draped velvet background. Boudoir photographer creates a sensuous look through expert lighting and posing of the woman. Boudoir photography can create the vintage glamour style especially in black and white. Woman's identity can remain anonymous with creative boudoir photography. Woman poses for romantic glamour photography gift. Woman poses topless for creative boudoir photography. Woman poses topless for Valentines beauty photography with rose petals. Woman looks sexy posing in a man's shirt for glamour photography. Bride-to-be enjoy a glamour pose during her boudoir photography experience. Woman poses for vintage "cheesecake" pin-up glamour photography with a modern high contrast look. Leather office chair makes the perfect prop for this lady's glamour photography. Woman presses a horse whip against her bottom for "cheesecake" pin-up glamour photography. Woman poses for vintage pin-up glamour photography wearing a Union flag and military hat. Woman poses for classical fine art nudes photography. Woman poses in husband's military jacket during her glamour boudoir photography experience as a romantic wedding anniversary gift. Woman poses on studio floor surrounded by rose petals for a romantic glamour photograph.

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You’ll be THRILLED with your photographs, not just satisfied but thrilled.  Otherwise we’ll take additional photographs free and do everything humanly possible until you are or we’ll give you your money back.

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Pat has been photographing nude women since 2005 and wants you do LOVE your photographs.  Otherwise, we don’t deserve your money. It’s as simple as that.

This is one of our unique factors that separates us apart from all the other photographers in the area.

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You’ll enjoy your boudoir photography experience in a private home based studio. We regularly receive compliments on how our environment helps create a relaxed atmosphere.

Everything is designed to make your experience as relaxed and fun as possible.


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[testimonial picture="" name="Bethan" role="Suffolk" align="feature"]“The end result is fab! On the day it was very relaxed and professional.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial picture="" name="Jo" role="Suffolk" align="feature"]When we asked what was her main obstacle to having professional nude photography she said, “finding someone that made me feel comfortable enough to have pictures taken naked”.

When we asked Jo if she’d recommend us she said, “Definitely! Because be far one of the funnest things I’ve done and have wanted to do this for a long time”.[/testimonial]

[testimonial picture="" name="Sally" role="Colchester, Essex" align="feature"]“I would just like to say a big thank you for the lovely photos you produced.

My partner was over whelmed and very pleased with them. They were a huge success.

I’m so pleased I did it and very grateful for the great way you made me feel relaxed and comfortable.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial picture="" name="Inna" role="Norwich, Norfolk" align="feature"]“I was really nervous about doing the photo shoot as never before undressed in front of the camera. But Pat & Imke made me completely comfortable about the whole experience.  It was also a lot of fun!!!”[/testimonial]

[testimonial picture="" name="Louise" role="Ipswich, Suffolk" align="feature"]“Allowing myself to have photo’s I wanted done but hadn’t dared to do before.” “It’s also; something to share with her husband, to look back on when older, and something to be proud of.”[/testimonial]

[testimonial picture="" name="Elle" role="Suffolk" align="feature"]Elle was feeling nervous when she came to the studio.

Here’s an extract from an email she sent me that evening, “I really enjoyed it and really glad that I did it!!! Looking forward to seeing them …I’m really excited!!! :-)”.[/testimonial]

[testimonial picture="" name="Maureen" role="Colchester, Essex" align="feature"]The greatest benefit was, “The set up and feel at ease”. Other benefits were; makeover, location and friendliness.[/testimonial]

[testimonial picture="" name="Sandra & Peter" role="Norfolk" align="feature"]When asked what was their main obstacle to investing in couples boudoir photography they said, “Budget restrictions”. But after enjoying their experience and receiving their display album and wall display they said “end result and finished product well worth the money / investment”.

The ended their testimonial with, “Thanks for a great experience our aspirations were more than fulfilled!”.[/testimonial]


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